In the early 1990's we were approached about items being thrown away at a University.  We started receiving kitchen items that we then gave to food pantries and soup kitchens.  Over the years these efforts grew until 2000 when we started receiving beds, dressers, lamps, curtains, desks, couches and many other items.

For a few years each year we received over 500 sets of beds and dressers.  In 2003 we purchased our first truck, a 26 foot box truck.  Our fleet has grown since then to include a 20 foot trailer, a pick up truck, a semi truck and four trailers and a16 foot box truck.

In 2005 we had our biggest project which was removing, storing and giving away everything in the old Chancellor Inn in Champaign.  223 rooms of STUFF.  It exposed our greatest need which was storage space.  We loaded and unloaded over 15 semi loads of stuff and proceeded to give it to the neediest of Central Illinois and beyond.

In 2007 we were blessed with a generous gift that allowed us to solve our storage needs.  We built a 52' x 80' warehouse that sits behind the church.  Of course it is called the SHED.

In 2008 we received 750 sets of bunk beds from two different universities.  Along with some large hotel projects we had a record breaking year and gave away 1,550 beds along with loads of other household items.  At this point we are helping and delivering to  12-18 families per week with household items.

Our SHED crew meets every Wednesday afternoon and evening for pick ups and deliveries.  In our big projects many others from the church take time off to help as do many others from other churches.

The SHED is a total volunteer operation.  We work by referral from social and state agencies, churches, schools, missions and individuals.  There has never been a cost for what we pick up, give away or deliver.

If you or someone you know ever has a contact for usable household items, please let us know.  Just this month we helped a family (mother and two children 2 and 4 years old) in Decatur who were sleeping on sheets laid out on pallets.  Yes, pallets.

Two summers ago we picked up, stored and are delivered 13 semi loads of items from a resort in Chicago, the University of Illinois and a privately owned residence hall in Champaign.

We recently gave a family a stove and frig.  They had been without for over six months.  They were eating vegetables and canned meat right out of the cans.

Also just recently we were called by a teacher who noticed one of her 17 year old students always appeared tired.  She asked and he told her he didn't have a bed.  In fact he had never had a bed.  Now he has a bed!!!!!!!!!! 

Our most recent project was receiving items from 105 hotel rooms just before the stay at home order in 2020.  This was about three semi loads of items.  At the end of the stay at home orders then we picked up seven semi loads of items from a private dorm complex on the campus of the University of Missouri, St. Louis.  This is the most items we have had at one time ever.  Even though we shut down during the stay at home order when we did work we gave almost all those items away.  That was the 105 rooms of items from Decatur.  Then 200 beds, 200 dressers, 200 nightstands, 90 couches, 90 living room chairs, 90 coffee tables and 160 desks with chairs from St. Louis.  The 160 desks were all given to school age children who were doing online learning from home.

If you have any questions about our SHED ministries you can contact Bruce Jacobs at 217-855-9935 by calling or texting.  You can also email him at   If you are looking for items you must have a referral indicating need before contacting us.
We left Decatur at 7:30 a.m. - drove to Springfield - loaded a semi trailer and two 26' trailers - drove back to Decatur - ate lunch and unloaded all the items and was done by 2:00 p.m.
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